Monday, June 14, 2010

2 weeks till opening!!

The cast of Little Shop of Horrors finally got a Saturday rehearsal, and WOW were they looking good. We had most of our set up, had tons of props, tried out our costumes, and turned on the stage lights...our first real tech rehearsal. We are still waiting for our plant to arrive, and a few other things. As far as their performance goes...HOT, HOT, HOT! Here are some of the days highlights...

Josh Burton (Seymour Krelborn) "I'm his son!"
Colton Duane (Mr. Mushnik) takes a picture of Seymour and friends (Jordan Crawford and Amberly Plourde) after his first radio interview.
Chris Scott is my favorite surprise!

Don't miss your chance to see this wonderful production! AMY

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  1. WOnderful photos Trish of a wonderful show. Can hardly wait to see it!